The Age of the Clerics 500 years ago were also called the “Dark Ages”, and for good reason. Kza, the most brilliant and ruthless thaumaturgist known to man had nearly exterminated the whole of Eden single-handedly. No one knows why he was so bent on his genocidal onslaught, nor how he managed to construct his mobile fortress, The Dreadnaught. In an era dominated by swords and bows, Kza had manufactured an arsenal of complex machinery and weapons of mass destruction.

However, the High Cleric refused to sit idly by.  In what he termed the Day of Counterstrike, he rallied ten thousand of Eden’s foot soldiers, archers, cavalry and siege weapons and launched an assault against Kza’s Dreadnaught, but just when this Golden Legion had begun their attack, the towering mass of steel, cannons, steam, lightning and thunder plowed over the trees, crushing them under its weight as if they were pathetic weeds. Heavy steam billowed into the sky above black and crimson banners bearing Kza’s emblem—an X encompassed by an L shape. This was a man far mightier and nightmarish than anything the world had ever conceived.

Were it not for the grace of God Himself, humanity may have gone extinct, but soon after the Day of Counterstrike, the Second Sun ascended and Kza was destroyed alongside The Dreadnaught… or so the history books tell us.